Monday, December 28, 2009

All izz (in the) well !! Zabardast(i) ki marketing

All izz really well with 3 idiots. Hilarious movie, amazing adaptation, great screenplay and very good acting by all 3 idiots....but that is not what we'll talk about in this blog.

Marketing of  movies is becoming more of an afterthought than an integrated strategy. You've made a great how do we market it? An afterthought... rather than an upfront strategy. Why do I say this? Well.. because 'All izz well' has absolutely no connection with insurance, for that matter. It is being linked through....because we thought afterwards on what dialogues can have which corporate sponsorships and decided to match 'a' to 'b'.

Moreover whether the consumer is being benefited by any 'All izz well" specific insurance plans is not upfront in any aforesaid insurance communication. It's there because it seemed like a 'good fit' !

Most Bollywood movies are treating marketing as a mix of 10000 posters + Pre-screening clips + 10 media appearances+ 4 corporate sponsorships+ in-movie product placements + 6 customized merchandise + a book afterwards etc. etc. Too much repetition....too boring for viewers even.

Guys, treat marketing more strategically; it will only help you...and Aamir Khan does not need these no-good gimmicks for his movies... they are anyway outstanding :-)

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  1. Viral Marketing:

    It was a catch phrase designed to entertain audiences and for viral marketing of the movie. Those who may not have watched the movie will tend to be curious to know why everyone is saying "all iz well" and it thus creates a spiralling effect. Such viral marketing is believed to add to the success of the movie.

    Like you wrote, it may not be really needed for Aamir Khan-starring movies. Nice article, have a great year ahead!

    Manoj Vijayan