Saturday, January 30, 2010

Unilever's face value goes for a Dove!

HUL is pouring a huge amount of money in soapy waters. They have adopted a 1950s US campaign to India for their Dove beauty bar.

However, the beauty of the marketing strategy adopted is that it is inadvertently turning 'Dove' into a 'face' bar rather than a 'bathing' bar. Someone has obviosuly not through their brief.

Everything in the ad campaign is so focused on 'face' that people (read women) have started seeing this as a 'face bar', similar to a 'face wash' !! Unless the HUL's marketing team has strategised it thus, they need to do something soon to carry the benefits of the campaign to position Dove as a bathing bar.

In a conference I attended last week, I did a snap study with over 20 women present there with one query "Do you see Dove as a face bar or a bathing bar?" Surprisingly an overwhelming majority, even though they thought that it should be a bathing bar, used the bar only as a face wash !!

Even if this was an informal snap poll, it should give some food for thought to the Dove marketers on the pitfalls of the approach they have adopted.

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