Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Branding Rakhi Sawant

The lady in question is a spitfire and has a lot of spunk. Rakhi has managed to brand herself very well, despite her obvious limitations. This is the electronic / digital age, folks. For individuals, controversy is the way to thrive in the limelight.

Now, if only she would enroll herself in a finishing school...

Another case in example is Mallika Sherawat, who also managed her non-existing career well, using the media.

Managing media is not tough and indeed very important for Corporates.

Its a symbiotic relationship. They need you as well as you need them.

Some basic 'respect' rules are-

  • Always adhere to your deadlines
  • Respect journalists equally whether they are from the leading financial daily or a vernacular paper or a small trade mag
  • Don't fake your respect
  • Give them all information necessary, to form their own opinions
  • Don't hound them for appearance of coverage
  • Be frank and be fair, they have other sources to find what they want to find
  • Be upfront in your dealings
These are just a few rules which will take you far in your PR stint.

Media people are very intelligent. Never underestimate them, but yes don't bend over backwards and sweep the floor for them. They will not respect you, if you do this.

Information exchange between the companies and media needs to be on a fair footing.

I have come across many company honchos who wanted to know how many column cm. coverage can we get them, for a PR retainer !!!!!!

Folks, it's PR, not advertising. It's a relationship building exercise between you and the media. We open the door, we put your foot in.

If the media finds value in your offering, they will pick you up.

This is where the value add of a PR guy comes in. Make your key messages interesting and customized to the Press you are talking to. Find out what they are interested in publishing. Create a good story and pitch it.

In India, PR has lost a lot of its sheen, with funny controversies being the order of the day, but well... every 'person' has his day :-)