Saturday, July 25, 2009

Does Advertising = Branding ?

In my first post, I am going to talk about the bane of Brand Management in India.


Almost everyone, from CEOs to managers to professionals to management students, everybody confuses Brand management with advertising.


Because that is the most visible form of branding a company. Well, and maybe a myth propagated by big time advertising agencies that if you don't advertise, you might as well die a slow brand death !

It might be true of FMCG, white goods industry, but definitely not so for everyone else.

I am a big propagator of ' slow and steady wins the race'.

If you are not selling into retail market, than advertising should not be the 'be all' and 'end all' of your brand management strategy.

There are so many other unique/ innovative ways to build your brand; but they should all be looped into a holistic strategy with a mix and match of ATL, BTL activities and some gimmicks thrown in, for good measure.

More on that later......